Here’s a selection of recipes from our fabulous cookbooks, guaranteed to make your mouth water. Have fun following them, feel free to share them with your friends… and most of all, enjoy eating them!

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Buckwheat Galettes – Recipes from Brixton Village

This pancake day, why not try these delicious recipe for gluten-free buckwheat pancakes or galettes from Senzala Creperie at Brixton Village? Featured in our extremely exciting upcoming title, Recipes from Brixton Village, due out in May 2014. Makes…

A King Cake for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras means very different things to Louisianians depending on which part of the state they were raised in. To me, Mardi Gras is multi-coloured homemade costumes, wire masks, horses, rides through the country on a trailer with live…
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Navy Bean Soup – from The Savoy Kitchen

This has been one of my favourites since I was a kid. Mom makes it fairly often and we normally eat it just as a soup, although many people also like it over rice. As kids we put ketchup in it. Serves 4 450g dry white navy beans soaked…
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A Thanksgiving Gift: Sarah Savoy’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake!

Here's a Thanksgiving gift for y'all from the Queen of White Trash Cajun herself: it's Sarah Savoy's Sweet Potato Cheesecake! For the crust: 200g (2 cups) Speculoos or graham crackers 90g butter, melted Put the crackers in a food processor…

Cacio e Pepe – from Cookie Cooks

This is Italian cooking at its best. It’s basically pasta with cheese (ideally made from sheep’s milk) and black pepper. It’s a deceptively simple-sounding Roman dish, but the secret is all in the technique; you can search Youtube…

Acqua Pazza Crazy Water Fish – from Cookie Cooks

Crazy water, or ‘acqua pazza’, is a way of poaching fish. It has its origins on the west coast of Italy and has become well-known in holiday destinations such as Capri and Ponza. This is poached fish with flavour. It is an incredibly easy…