Cover of Tomorrow's Kitchen

Tomorrow’s Kitchen – A Graphic Novel Cookbook

Illustrated by Shuangshuang Hao
Edited by Deborah May

With contributions from Sumayya Usmani, Kerry Hudson, Ery Nzaramba, Asiimwe Deborah Kawe and many more

Pub date: October 2020


About the book

From Greek broth to grief and loss, fishwives to folklore, pancakes to politics, Gaza to Glasgow. Tomorrow’s Kitchen: A Graphic Novel Cookbook is a unique collection of stories and recipes from novelists, food writers, chefs, playwrights and activists from all over the world.

Interpreted into drawings by BAFTA-nominated illustrator Shuangshuang Hao, Tomorrow’s Kitchen invites you to the table to taste some flavours of today’s world and to think about how we might cook things up differently in tomorrow’s.

It’s the first time we’ve done a book like this. And as keen KP followers will know, we’ve always been huge fans of the way illustrations bring a different sort of life to food writing, so we leapt at the chance to collaborate with the wonderful Küche to bring Tomorrow’s Kitchen to life.

How it happened

Küche is a social business working in collaboration with people navigating the UK immigration system. As an organisation it looks to celebrate different cultural cuisines, counteract negative attitudes and provide opportunities for us to be more socially and culturally informed, and react responsibly and with empathy to the wider world around us.

Küche founder Deborah May spent the last year cooking and hosting, workshopping and talking, gathering stories and recipes to bring to print a publication that opens up a world of illustrations and ideas. And Tomorrow’s Kitchen is the result. Thought-provoking and hungry-making, the stories here look at migration. They also look at the way family recipes provide a generational link through ever changing circumstances, at what a country’s ‘traditional’ cuisine means in an increasingly multicultural world.

Strange times

Tomorrow’s Kitchen has been put together as the Covid-19 pandemic has been sweeping the world. Never before have we been so conscious of how interlinked we all are, how we are vulnerable to the same problems, alert to the same challenges, no matter how different our circumstances or culture. Deborah was locked down in New Zealand, Shaungshaung in China, and Kitchen Press  in Scotland. The contributors come from Gaza, Colonsay, Uganda. And it was eerie to think of a similar silence creeping over them all.

Things are slowly getting back on track, but it seemed like a good time to use Kickstarter rather than traditional pr to help this lovely project reach its audience. It was amazing to watch as the project smashed its target, so thanks to all those inquisitive and generous souls who bought into it. And even though the campaign is finished, you can still pre-order the book through us.

First page of Sumayya Usmani's contributiionTomorrow's Kitchen - Sumayya Usmani story Tomorrow's Kitchen la cangregada by Andres Blanco Tomorrow's Kitchen - roma polenta poutine recipe

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