Burrata, Romesco, Red Chilli Recipe

Pic of Burrata, Romesco, Red Chilli recipe

From Catalogued Ideas And Random Thoughts by Stuart Ralston

Acclaimed chef Stuart Ralston is known as one of the most innovative and creative cooks working in the UK today. Catalogued Ideas and Random Thoughts – A Cookbook traces his evolution as a chef, and brings together the food that inspires him, from the finely crafted dishes that he creates in his restaurants to the food he likes to cook at home. 

We are delighted to share one of his favourite recipes with you- Burrata, Romesco, Red Chilli.

Now over to Stuart!

Burrata, Romesco, Red Chilli

According to Jade Johnston, our Ops Manager and partner in everything we do, burrata is hands down the best cheese in the world. It is super versatile, great for sharing and easy to source. It’s also delicious paired with my ride-or-die sauce, romesco. We use a little gochujang chilli paste to give the romesco a slight change of direction from its native Spanish roots.

Seves 2 with plenty of sauce.

For the romesco:

75g flaked almonds, toasted 

75g whole hazelnuts, toasted 

250g shop-bought roasted peppers, drained and seeds removed 

250g tinned tomatoes, drained overnight 

30–60g gochujang chilli paste, depending on desired spiciness 

45g olive oil 

8 garlic cloves, finely grated 

10g sherry vinegar 

5g smoked paprika 

8g salt 

sugar to taste

To serve:

1 burrata

1 red chilli, sliced

olive oil

sea salt 

black pepper


For the romesco, pulse the almonds and hazelnuts together in a food processor to form coarse crumbs, then place in a large bowl. 

Blend the roasted peppers and drained tomatoes together in the food processor until incorporated but not smooth. Add to the toasted nuts. 

Blend the gochujang, olive oil, garlic, sherry vinegar, smoked paprika and salt to form a paste. Add this to the nut mixture and season as necessary with more salt, sugar and vinegar.

To serve, place the burrata onto a paper towel to drain any excess liquid. Spoon plenty of romesco onto a plate and put the burrata on top. Add a couple of slices of red chilli, season with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper and then drizzle over the olive oil. 

Serve with toasted focaccia.

So tasty! We hope you enjoy this recipe at home.

You can buy Stuart’s book here and discover many more of his amazing recipes.

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