Cafe Cooking book cover

Café Cooking From The Parlour to Cambo Gardens

by Gillian Veal


The Parlour Café Cookbook won awards when it was published over 10 years ago and went on to become a cult classic.This new, updated edition transports us to the lush Georgian walled garden at Cambo House in Fife where Gillian now runs the café and takes inspiration from the abundant supply of wonderful fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers that grow there.

Café Cooking features over 30 new recipes as well as revisiting many of the old favourites to re- flect how Gillian’s cooking has evolved. From the most delicious brunch dishes to hearty soups, tangy salads, mouth-watering mains and irresistible cakes and tarts, these recipes will just as happily feed a family as delight a dinner party.

Chapters include: Breakfast, Brunch and Eggs; Breads and Sandwiches; Soups; Dips, Mezze and Salads;Tarts and Pastries; Mains; Sweet Things; Drinks; Dressings, Sauces and Flavourings.


Gillian Veal is the owner and chef of the Parlour Cafe in Dundee and the Café at Cambo Gardens in Fife.A fine art graduate, she worked in hospitality and taught herself how to cook, returning to Scotland to open her own restaurant.

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