The Greenwich Market Cookbook

Recipes from the traders of Greenwich Market
Introduction by Rebecca Seal

Photographs by Colin Hampden-White

Illustrations by Katherine Van Uytrecht


Stand on the cobbled floor of Greenwich Market and close your eyes. Listen to the hubbub and chatter. Listen to awnings flapping against poles, traders laughing, boxes of vegetables being trundled in from the street outside, to the meat sizzling on grills and a hundred conversations in a dozen different languages. Many of the sounds you will hear today are no different to those you would have heard 300 years ago, when the market was first granted a Royal Charter. The stall-holders may now be selling hand-pulled noodles, pancakes or chai, but they still call out from stall to stall, teasing each other about how much they’ve sold and sharing their food at the end of the day. They may be making dim sum, pad Thai or doughnuts, but the scent of the market hasn’t changed much either. The hot, sweet, smoky, sharp tangs of the food market mingle together to create something which is at once unique to this place, on this day, while also being common to all food markets, throughout time.”

Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, a footstep away from the Cutty Sark, is London’s oldest covered market. In 300 years Greenwich Market has gone full circle: from food market to contemporary street food mecca.

The Greenwich Market Cookbook brings together recipes from many of the traders who work there, cooking food from all across the globe: whether it be ramen burgers or ravioli, banh mi or burritos.

About the Contributors:

Introduction by Greenwich local, Rebecca Seal. Rebecca is a Guardian columnist,TV presenter and author of three cookbooks: The Islands of Greece – Recipes from across the Greek seas; Istanbul and Cook:A year in the kitchen with Britain’s favourite chefs.

Photographs by Colin Hampden-White. Colin was a finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year in 2014, and shoots for Conde Nast, LUX,The Times and the FT. Winner of the Champagne Louis Roederer Award for Artistry in 2012, his work is also in the National Portrait Gallery.